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Electronics for Shed's 2020

Electronics for Shed's 2020, in partnership with the Scottish Men's Shed Assn, is keen to gauge interest in a potential ‘Electronics for Sheds’ event in Spring 2020.

The aim of the event would be to give Shedder's an introduction to electronics by building a small practical project with large bragging rights.

Attendees will leave with tools, kits, guides and new skills to share back in the Shed, with family and the wider community. The event will take place in Hamilton—which is easily accessible by good transport links— and there will be plenty of time to chat over hot drinks and tasty rolls.


To register your interest in Electronics for Shed's 2020 event, planned for Spring 2020, please complete the Contact Us form, includng the name of your Shed, and we'll be back in touch soon.

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