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    CQ SCOTLAND is dedicated to introducing electronics and wireless communications to the next generation. We do this by coordinating group electronic construction events in a safe public venue such as a school, community hall, or youth facility.


    OUR VOLUNTEERS are electronics enthusiasts, shedder's, maker's and licensed radio amateurs, keen to share their years of experience and skills with the young. Along the way we build better communities.


    OUR AIM is to inspire young people to gain their foundation amateur radio license or spark an interest in electronics, that could also lead to a worthwhile career. Today, they will start learning about the exciting ever changing world of electronics that surrounds us all.

  • What We Do

    In a safe and secure public environment, worktables are equipped with electronic construction tools, test equipment, and a choice of easy to build electronic kits.


    The young person is then guided by our volunteers to successfully construct their chosen project. This usually takes around 1.5 hours. All volunteers work in pairs.


    Parents and carers are definitely encouraged to share in the fun, and seating is provided so they can! If you are new to Scotland you will be made very welcome!


    After an event, parents will be given information about the Foundation Amateur Radio License and electronics as a hobby. All communication is to a parent or guardian only.

  • Next Event : micro:bit and Morse Code

    Our next event will feature the micro:bit. You will build a Morse transceiver to send and receive Morse across the room, around school or at home. You'll have loads of fun learning Morse Code and making up your own secret codes to really amaze your friends! All with the micro:bit computer.

    BBC micro:bit FRONT with LED 5x5 Matrix Display

    BBC micro:bit BACK showing position of Antenna

    To learn more about the micro:bit computer read

    SparkFun micro:bit Getting Started Guide


  • CQ Community Groups/Schools

    We would be pleased to organise an event for your school or community group at your venue. The item to be built could support school lesson plans, or qualify the builder to obtain a scout badge or similar award. We're happy to work with you to deliver a worthwhile outcome for all. Group sizes may vary from 10 to 20 constructors. For details please register your interest below.

  • Foundation Amateur Radio License

    To receive information on the Foundation Amateur Radio License and the fun to be had from communicating wirelessly around the world with a personal call sign issued by the U K government, parents or carers should complete the Register Interest form below.

  • CQ Amateur Radio Operators

    There are a number of ways you can help grow interest in the Foundation License and the CQ Scotland project:

    • Let us know about any school, scouting, girl guide, boys/girls brigade, or other community group that would enjoy the fun of a group electronic construction event 
    • Donate books, equipment or modern components, that could help maintain an interest in amateur radio or electronics after an event
    • Tell fellow amateurs about CQ Scotland when on the air, at the next club meeting, via your website/blog, newsletter, radio rally
    • Better still, come along to an event, share in the fun, and see the shear delight and excitement when a young person gets their first electronic project working with your help! It's priceless. 

    Please register your interest now. You have a lot to offer!

  • What Others Say

    • "I have to compliment you all on the job you did – the thought and the implementation were really good. It’s quite a pool of quiet achievers you have on tap." Parent I

    • "Bailey (7) and Jack (5) had a wonderful time on Saturday. They have been showing off their radio to Nanna, and anyone else willing to listen. They are very proud of what they built, I think they did a good job!" Debbie
    • "Thank you all most sincerely for a wonderful experience building a radio. My son so enjoyed himself and we couldn't believe the one-on-one attention that was available. This was key as it meant that he really 'learnt' what was important with electronics. Rather than being success focused as so many of these things are I was delighted, in this day and age, to see that it was the learning and understanding that underpinned this activity. I would be grateful if you would please pass on our thanks to Malcolm and all those involved on the day, including the wonderful tea ladies (!), also all of those behind the scenes who worked so hard to make it such a success." Elizabeth D

  • CQ Means...

    CQ is a code used by radio operators (historically those communicating in Morse code (— · — · — — · —) but also by voice operators, to make a general call to all listeners (called a CQ call).


    Transmitting the letters CQ in Morse on a particular radio frequency is an invitation for any operators listening on that frequency to respond. It is still widely used in Amateur Radio. Wikipedia.org

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    To register interest for the next event , please enter your details below. Or call David or Mary on

    073 88 395 695

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