• Scouts Make Morse Code Sender

    CQ Scotland Breadboard Kit - No Soldering! - (Photos Kai MM1AUF)

    Greenock District Scout’s Amateur Radio Club recently held a Buildathon so scouts could construct a Morse sender and start learning the Code.

    After inserting the small kit of parts into a breadboard, provided & designed by CQ Scotland, everyone was sending code within the hour.

    Pictured above from Scout Active Support: George GM8YUI and Bob MM1AWV encourage Scouts to complete their Morse sender kits.

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    Whitehill Community Centre Events, Hamilton, Scotland

  • CQ SCOTLAND GROUP is a non profit community group introducing electronics and amateur radio across the generations. This is achieved through group building events and the distribution of free electronic project kits.


    OUR PRIMARY AIM is to inspire the next generation to gain their foundation amateur radio license or spark an interest in electronics, that could also lead to worthwhile careers.


    OUR VOLUNTEERS are electronics enthusiasts, shedder's, maker's and licensed radio amateurs, keen to share their years of experience and skills with the next generation. Along the way we help build better communities.


    Supported by

    Radio Society of Great Britain

    Antex Electronics Ltd : Spiratronics.com

    and many individuals

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  • CQ Community Groups

    We'd be pleased to hold an event for your community group at your venue. The item to be built could support a lesson plan, or help toward a scout badge or similar award. We're happy to work with you to deliver a worthwhile outcome for all. Group sizes may vary from 10 to 12 constructors. Please register your interest below.

    CQScotland Whitehill Hamilton ML3 Electronics for All and Amateur Radio Event
    CQScotland Whitehill Hamilton ML3 Electronics for All and Amateur Radio Event
    CQScotland Whitehill Hamilton ML3 Electronics for All and Amateur Radio Event
  • 'The best way to LEARN is to do. The worst way to TEACH is to talk.'

    Paul Halmos Hungarian Mathematician

    Montrose Air Station Heritage Museum Buildathon August 26th, 2018

  • Glasgow Buildathon May 20th

    RSGB Twitter Message


    Do you have surplus modern components, radio/electronics books/magazines or know someone who has? We upcycle components into free fun electronic kits for all. Please contact David MM0HQD 073 88 395 695 info@CQScotland.com Thank You!


    Latest CQ Scotland Newsletter (pdf 87kb)

    1. Men Shedders from across Scotland Share New Skills

    Men Shedders from across the Central Belt met in Glasgow May 20th to build an electronic project. The 1.2 watt amplifier kit connects to a cellphone, MP3 player, or practice guitar to create room filling music. [Photo Courtesy Joe 2M0JHY MLARS]


    This event was made possible by the generous support of the Radio Society of Great Britain Legacy Fund, Antex Electronics Ltd and the Mid Lanark Amateur Radio Society and many individuals acknowledged here.

    2. David and Ron - Rutherglen & Cambuslang Shed

    Ron (Chairman) is a keen electronic constructor and feels other shedder's can make a start at low cost and continue building projects well into later years in the shed and at home. David has just been bitten by the bug and wants to share the fun with others in his shed. [Photo Courtesy MM0HQD]

  • 3. Savannah (6) guided by Margaret XYL of Sam GM4BGS WOSARS

    Nearby, Savannah successfully built her flashing LED's project on a breadboard and soldered a TA7642 AM radio. As you can see a lot of happy smiles were created too! Thank you Margaret! [Photo Courtesy Steve M1ACB RSGB]

    A teacher's job is to take a bunch of live wires and see they are well grounded. (Author unknown via George Dobbs G3RJV.)

    4. John, Hamilton Men's Shed, Helps Keen Constructor Fraser (12)

    Prior to retiring John was MD of a robotics company. At Hamilton Men's Shed he has created several wonderful project kits for CQ Scotland events and is keen to share his experience with others. John is inspecting Frasers soldering skills and is impressed. Keep up the good work Fraser!

    5. Steve M1ACB RSGB GM Visits CQScotland Stand

    Returning from an Isle of Islay holiday, Steve unexpectedly dropped by the CQScotland stand. Pictured with two of our stand volunteers are Angela and Mary. Great to see you Steve! [Photo Courtesy MM0HQD]

    6. Paul Discusses Project Progress with Police Cadet

    Paul frClydebank MS is a competent electronics project builder but wanted to see how he might involve other shedder's.

    7. Frank of Hamilton MS Keeps Watchful Eye

    Frank, John, Ian, David from Hamilton Men's Shed are keen to help other shedders to enjoy electronic construction as a shed activity.

    [Photo Courtesy of MM0HQD MLARS]

    8. David MM0HQD and Len Paget GM0ONX RSGB Board Director

    [Photo Courtesy of Kevin 2M0KVM MLARS]

  • Children from two Hamilton schools had a fun time February 20th building a Morse code sender and learning Morse at the Whitehill Community Centre. This was the fourth session learning basic electronics and building an electronic project, with help from the CQScotland Group.


    Guest radio amateur (ham) Roy, radio callsign GM4VKI, shared with the children his knowledge and collection of clandestine radio equipment. This really brought to life Morse, secret codes, spying and communication methods, still relevant today.


    The Scottish Region 1 Manager of the RSGB, Mr Tony Miles MM0TMZ explained his father and grandfather used similar equipment whilst working for the UK clandestine Special Operations Executive in WW1 and WW2.


    Excitement and interest rose further when one of the parents revealed: " I used to be a radio operator in the Soviet Navy and am familiar with the techniques mentioned by Roy."


    The afternoon ended with an excited group of children taking away their Morse code senders and new skills and knowledge about basic electronics and communications.


    From all the children, thank you Roy GM4VKI and Tony MM0TMZ!

    CQScotland Whitehill Hamilton ML3 Electronics for All and Amateur Radio Event
    CQScotland Whitehill Hamilton ML3 Electronics for All and Amateur Radio Event


    CQScotland Whitehill Hamilton ML3 Electronics for All and Amateur Radio Event


    CQScotland Whitehill Hamilton ML3 Electronics for All and Amateur Radio Event


    CQScotland Whitehill Hamilton ML3 Electronics for All and Amateur Radio Event


    CQScotland Whitehill Hamilton ML3 Electronics for All and Amateur Radio Event


  • What Others Say

    • "I really enjoyed seeing the kids and parents tinkering away at the Morse Beeper project. Your organisation and way of doing things was exemplary. Roy (GM4VKI) was a great speaker and captivated the imagination with his talk of spies..."

    Tony Miles MM0TMZ RSGB Region 1 Manager

    • "I have to compliment you all on the job you did – the thought and the implementation were really good. It’s quite a pool of quiet achievers you have on tap."

    Parent I

    • "I must thank you and your colleagues for their kindness and their knowledge imparted to my grandson Dominic. He had a most enjoyable time and I can’t thank you enough for making a great day out for a special wee boy." 

    Stephen, Kilmarnock​, May 20

    • "Thank you all most sincerely for a wonderful experience building a radio. My son so enjoyed himself and we couldn't believe the one-on-one attention that was available. This was key as it meant that he really 'learnt' what was important with electronics. Rather than being success focused as so many of these things are I was delighted, in this day and age, to see that it was the learning and understanding that underpinned this activity. I would be grateful if you would please pass on our thanks to all those involved on the day." 

    Elizabeth D

  • Thank You!

    Funded by Radio Society of Great Britain Legacy Committee


    Many people quietly work away to help grow this project. We gratefully acknowledge the support from the following:

    Antex Electronics Ltd

    Davey G1KYN

    Amanda M6LXK

    Angela, Savannah, Mary

    Callum MM6XKC

    David Searle MM0HQD - NZ ZL3DWS


    Bruce GM4BDJ

    Dennis G6YBC


    Tony Miles MM0TMZ RSGB Region 1 Manager

    Kevin MM6KCM Chairman MLARS

    Frank - Hamilton & District Men's Shed

    Gordon 2M0DQN

    John F5VLF France

    Kanga Products

    Katrina Siegfried www.katrinasiegfried.com

    Steve G0FUW

    Bill W4FSV USA

    John W - Hamilton & District Men's Shed

    Richard G3ZTB

    Godfrey G4GLM

    Mike G3JKX

    Denis MM0DNX

    David Smith MM0HVU RSGB DRM15

    Spiratronics - http://spiratronics.com/

    Gordon GM3ULP (SK)

    Scott GM4CLQ

    John GM8FHK

    Bob MM0RKT

    Iain GM4VXM


    Angus MM1CCR


    Victor GM3VTB

    George GM8YUI

    Kai MM1AUF​

    Greenock District Scout’s Amateur Radio Club



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    To receive information on the Foundation Amateur Radio License and the fun to be had from communicating wirelessly around the world with a personal call sign issued by the U K government, parents or carers should complete the Register Interest form below.

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  • CQ Means...

    CQ is a code used by radio operators (historically those communicating in Morse code (— · — · — — · —) but also by voice operators, to make a general call to all listeners (called a CQ call).


    Transmitting the letters CQ in Morse on a particular radio frequency is an invitation for any operators listening on that frequency to respond. It is still widely used in Amateur Radio. Wikipedia.org

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